Options To Enlarge Penis Size

These are products and methods that are designed specifically to enlarge the penis. Products of this category include penis enlargement pills, pumps, extenders, exercises and last but not least, penis enhancement surgery.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis Enlargement Pills are total nonsense, and a big waste of money.  Should the pill happen to work to make your penis bigger, the effects are only temporary and you have to keep buying more pills every month. Some penis enlargement pills have negative side effects as well, which makes this penis enlarging option a bad choice.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penis pumps are an even worse option than taking pills to enlarge your penis size, as these devices have been known to cause permanent damage to the penile tissue. Besides that, penis pumps only work to increase your penis size for a few hours, and soon the effects from using the device begin to wear off.

Penis Extenders - Penis Stretching Devices

A penis extender is a device that uses "traction" to slowly stretch the muscles and blood vessels inside the penis, and they are one of few penis enlargement devices that actually work. Other methods of penis stretching are also used, such as using weights to stretch the penis. However, using weights is not as effective as using a penis extending device, and they can also cause permanent damage.

Penis Enhancement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is a very risky option for male enhancement, as few people have reported permanent damage and scarring to their penis. Although penis enhancement surgery is a fairly simple procedure, you can never predict what can go wrong when operating on such a sensitive part of the human body. This type of male enhancement option is not usually recommended unless all previous attempts to get a big penis have failed.

Natural Penis Enlargement - Your BEST Option!

The best option to make your penis longer and wider is with the use of penis enlargement exercises. These exercises are performed for just 6 minutes a day and can yield impressive results in penis size increase. Penis exercises are the most safe and affordable way to enlarge a man's penis without using traction devices or penis enlargement surgery.

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